Chase Claypool


Branding, Illustration


November 2020


In the 2020 NFL season, Chase Claypool emerged as one of the front runners to win Rookie of the Year.  The Steelers were undefeated and he was near the league lead in receiving touchdowns.  A friend of mine works closely with Chase on YouTube content and after talking about their working relationship I decided to check out Chase's logo.  A little underwhelmed, and concerned with copyright issues with Transformers, I decided to take a swing at an alternate option to see what I could come up with. 

About Me

I’m an award-winning Creative Director with an extensive background in branding and logo creation. I've worked in several amazing cities around the country, including Los Angeles, CA, Indianapolis, IN, Charleston, SC, and Portland, OR.

I'm currently the Creative Director for Cyclone Social, a social marketing agency in Fort Wayne, IN. 


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